SACLA appreciates that although roles and responsibilities vary throughout the Association it is important that the development of leadership qualities be fostered throughout every level creating a culture of purpose and sustainable success for SACLA.

SACLA offers excellent career development opportunities, competitive compensation, a cooperative and flexible work environment, and an ethical workplace culture

We fully recognize that the provision of quality services for individuals with a developmental disability can only be achieved through hiring and retaining quality employees and community connectors who are committed to SACLA's Mission and Vision.


Our Board of Directors 

Chairperson:  Anna Olson

Vice Chair:  Rick Weste

Past Chair: Brent Oleksy

Treasurer:  Carol-Lynn Smith-Henke

Members at Large:  Guy McNab, Kathy Carlson, Amber Wyrostok, Gail Stephens

If you wish to reach a member of our Board of Directors, please contact our office.

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