SACLA was established in 1980. Throughout our long history we have continually evolved and sought to improve the work that we do. People we work for do not have to fit into programs and are actively involved in the design of their services.

SACLA believes in possibilities for all and welcome opportunities to chat with individuals and families to determine SACLA's role in their lives. We are enthusiastic about working together to create individual plans for the future.

SACLA was the first organization in Alberta to introduce the concept of roommate companions and neighbour to neighbour for adults with a developmental disability and Host and Associate Family options for children and their families.

The Association strives to develop individualized supports based on the following guiding principles:

  • Our services assist individuals to be fully included and live meaningful, contributing lives in the community.
  • Our services are flexible, individualized and responsive to personal, family and community dynamics.
  • Our services assist individuals to maintain and establish new connections and relationships with family, friends and other community members.
  • Our services recognize the potential of all individuals and provide them with opportunities for continuing development and life-long learning.

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