Since 1980, SACLA has been a leader in providing services and supports to adults and children with developmental disabilities and their families that are customized for each person and designed to assist them in the achievement of their personal goals in life.

SACLA believes that the better we know and understand the person we will be working for and their family the better the services we provide will be. 

How SACLA Supports People: 

It is important to take the time upfront to find out as much as we can. We utilize an app entitled MY COMPASS: PEOPLE POWERED PLANNING that was developed in collaboration with another like-minded organization to first help us discover more about the person. This discovery process includes learning about their history, family, likes, dislikes, life experiences and discovering their unique qualities and dreams and aspirations for the future. In discussion with the individual, family members and other important people they have identified, we then move on to determining what role we will play in their lives and establish tasks and goals that are intended to result in an improved quality of life.

How SACLA Supports the Community: 

Community connections at an individual and organizational level are critical to one's well-being. For individuals, a major area of focus in our planning process is "Community Contributions". As an organization, SACLA works diligently to inform others about the importance of relationships, welcoming communities and contributions of all citizens.

Cultivating Relationships and Creating Possibilities: 

The creating of possibilities and fostering of relationships are two key foundational pieces of SACLA's thinking and actions. We are not, and never will be, satisfied with the status quo. We are actively committed to seeking out possibilities and opportunities for the people we work for to establish new relationships; move from the role of passive observer to meaningful contributor and have a presence in their communities.

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