Since 1980

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we reflect upon our history and strive for excellence everyday in facilitating inclusive, vibrant communities where people connect, contribute and are valued.


Feel fulfilled as a Community Connector.

We passionately support the vision of vibrant communities where people connect, contribute and are valued. There are many ways that community members can support this vision.

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The role of SACLA team members is not to be a "caregiver" but rather to focus their time and energies on exploring creative and individualized ways in which the people they work for might create lives that see them connected, contributing and valued.

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Individualized Support

Our role in each person’s life is unique and personalized. We do not have “programs” into which a person must fit. The people we work for and their families are encouraged and assisted to define what their best life might look like and the role we will play in assisting them to make their vision a reality. We believe that all people have a right to experience a quality of life that reflects pride and accomplishment.


How SACLA can support me:

SACLA believes that it is important that the people we work for and their families are the leaders in determining the role we will play in their lives. We do not operate from a program mentality and are committed to tailoring our services to reflect your unique wishes and support requirements. 

What We Do 


Creating Excellence Together (CET) Accreditation

CET is the only accrediting standard(s) in Alberta that were created for Albertans with developmental disabilities in consultation with individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, guardians, and staff. - ACDS, 2015.

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